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Pre Primary School is the first stepping stone to success for young children. Quality pre-primary schooling that focuses on exposing children to various experiences is what Innovative World School believes in. Our Director Ms. Kamala Bisht has a vision to create a nurturing environment that focuses on the all-round development of a child and inculcates in them the important values of being a good human being.

Under the able guidance of our director Ms. Kamala Bisht, the staff of Innovative World School is focused on providing a safe environment to the children of the Pre-Primary section. Our aim is to provide the best in class education and be the most sought after pre primary school in Moshi Chikhali.

Activities at our Pre Primary School in Moshi Chikhali

Pre primary schooling traditionally has been about hand holding the children and engaging them in a lot of activities that can help develop their mortar skills while teaching them the basic concepts of education. Our methodology focuses on helping children learn by doing. We engage them in numerous activities like craft, painting, drawing, sticking, pasting etc. that can help children learn while they have fun.

Our activities focus on multiple things

Infrastructure available at our Pre Primary School in Moshi Chikhali

Best learning outcomes can be expected only if the child receives a nurturing environment that is supplemented with good facilities. As a policy, Innovative World School has focused on providing the best infrastructure available in Moshi Chikhali area for our students.

Delivering the best pre primary schooling experience in Moshi Chikhali

Our teaching methodology is a fine balance between traditional Indian learning methodology and international educational guidelines, providing a firm foundation for our children to develop their passion and talents.

Our children are the future who need contemporary skills that can help them succeed in the 21st century. Keeping this in mind, Innovative World School has developed a methodology that focuses on the overall development of a child. Academics, athletics, arts, skills, and values, all form a part of our methodology.

This holistic approach uses project based, collaborative, sensory and experiential learning experiences to reinforce concepts. To provide individual attention to our tiny tots we are particular about the teacher student ratio in every class.

Subjects Offered

At the pre primary level, our school in Moshi Chikhali offers the following subjects
1. Language Skills – English and Hindi
2. Mathematics
3. Environmental Science and Personal Well being
4. Free Play and Physical Fitness
5. Concept based Activities
6. Art
7. Dance and Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the age-group for pre-primary admission?
Ans. Our pre primary school in Moshi Chikhali accepts admission from the age of 2.5 years for Nursery to 4.5 years for UKG. For more information and the existing rules around admission kindly contact our admissions office.

Q.2. Does the school offer transportation?
Yes the school has its own fleet of transport vehicles and transport facility is available for students as per the zones and distance from the school.

Q.3 Does the school offer campus tour?
Ans. Yes, we welcome parents to visit the school and see the facilities, with prior appointments.

Q.4 What is the fee structure for pre primary schooling?
Ans. We offer affordable fee structure for all our students. The details about the fees can be obtained at our school office.

The admissions for Pre-Primary - 2022-23 are now open.