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Mrs. Kamla S.S. Bisht

Dear Parents,

I heartily welcome all of you to Innovative World School, Chikhali, Pune, a brainchild of visionary, educationist and philosopher Dr. Sanjay Singh.
It is indeed an honour and privilege to be one of the Founder directors along with experienced educationists from India and abroad in IWS's Academic Council.
Thirty-five years of experience in education has convinced me that one strong area that can shape the personality and character of a child is education at the school level.
Learning is a never-ending phenomenon and with this ideology, we aim to create lifelong learners, critical thinkers, problem solvers, responsible citizens and inspirational leaders who are innovative and have a strong sense of values to become a good human being.
In the process, we hope they will discover and realize their infinite potential.
Dear parents, we cannot overlook your concern as a parent. Be assured, we are committed to providing love and a sense of emotional security at every stage of growing up, to every child we nurture.
School is the most beautiful home of teaching-learning experiences, interactions, exploring talents and potentials, co-operation and sharing. School is the place where we can shape our children to grow into confident human beings.
It is our utmost responsibility to be a facilitator to our children at every developmental milestone of their life by providing them love, care and emotional security
We look forward to welcoming you in person to our school.
The future is not what will happen but what we make it to be.

Thank you and Best Wishes,
Mrs. Kamla Bisht