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  • The classrooms are spacious, well ventilated, well-lit and equipped with modern educational amenities like well-designed desks, green and whiteboards, speakers, CCTV and personal shelves for books and notebooks.
The school is equipped with Composite Lab to understand basic concepts of Science. Our laboratories for Value Education and language lab has been introduced in the very first academic year to help students understand self-experimentation and to enhance the scientific temperament among our students. Independent Physics, Chemistry, Biology lab will be introduced as per CBSE norm when school will go for Senior Secondary affiliation.



    The school's computer lab facility is well equipped giving students unlimited access to computers and associated educational software tools. The computer laboratories are equipped with multimedia computers running Windows, MS Office etc. School has set up two Computer labs from the first academic year.
    Though every class is equipped with Projector and speakers, two exclusive Audio-Visual rooms are set up for students to get easy access to Audio-Visual learning aid. Two rooms are also provided with TV for multipurpose use.



    A school library is an important tool for the comprehensive development of the intellect. Our library consists of meticulously selected books catering to the needs and tastes of every age group on a variety of subjects for extensive use both by the teachers and the students. The school timetable, the instructional method and the assessment pattern is designed to encourage the use of library services among the students.
    The school has a well-developed First-Aid facility to provide immediate medical attention and aid in case of untoward accidents or mishaps. However, the school will not be held responsible for any such incident. No medicine will be given to the child without receiving written instruction from the parents. The school will organize periodical medical check-ups and maintain a Health Report of each student.